How To Get Free Data on Glo Without Recharging


How to get GLO Unlimited Free Browsing 2021 | activate GLO unlimited Free Data


To begin with, get two GLO sim card, there shouldn’t be any dynamic information plan on it. The sim card can be 3G or 4G, anybody functions admirably.

On the primary GLO sim card, actuate GLO night plan.

Offer your information from the first sim you enacted glo night plan to the second sim. You can dial *127*01*NUMBER#.

Presently utilize the second sim you shared information to and peruse. Ensure you exhaust the information plan you purchased. Try not to utilize the first sim card to peruse.

Subsequent to debilitating the information on the second sim. Presently you can turn your information association of, yet ensure you turn it on before 5AM except if this cheat wouldn’t work.

Turn it on before 5am at that point keep perusing once it is 5am. The information group wouldn’t diminish, you are on a limitless arrangement. Presently, you can peruse and download anything you need.

Try not to kill your information association off again on the second sim. Except if you will stand by till 12 am the following day. At that point rehash the means and appreciate GLO limitless information cheat.

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